Simon from Eco Vehicle Tuning remapped my Mini Cooper SD today, & I am absolutely delighted with the results. The process from start to finish has been excellent, & Simon has gone well above & beyond on the work & advice leading up to it. Having spent the afternoon enjoying the tuning efforts on our glorious B roads, I can say that it’s like a different car. The Sport mode before tuning is now superseded by the Eco mode after tuning, & the Sport mode is now just phenomenal! Thanks Simon & Celtic Tuning for the outstanding remap, I will certainly be recommending & reusing in future.

“Had Remap done on my 2010 Jaguar XF 3L TD 2 weeks ago. ECU had to be removed on this car to get at mapping file but from start to finish I was confident that my car was in good hands. I was shown the ECU before it was put back in car and you would never know he had touched it so all work was carried out in a very professional way. The remap itself has totally changed the car it is smooth as silk but so much quicker the mapping matches the engine and gearbox very well in fact I no longer need to select sport mode because the extra power is so good.

I would have no hesitation in recommending them for a remap and you will be more than impressed with the standard of work & knowledge of Simon.”

“Ford Focus 2.0 TDCi 2015 147bhp to 211bhp. 270lb/ft to 373lb/ft torque. About 7-8% economy improvement. Goes like stink now. Repeat customer of Simon’s.!
“I just wanted to thank you for another great re-map. As previously, you offered the highest levels of service and professionalism and leave no element of doubt that the work was carried out to the highest standard. Since you completed the work, just over a week ago I have only done short local journey’s but the car runs notably smoother through the gears and the drive generally is more refined. An increase from 214 to 268 bhp for a naturally aspirated engine is remarkable and highlights what “magic” Celtic tuning can offer.

I look forward to using Eco Vehicle Tuning again next time.

All the very best!

“I would highly recommend Eco Vehicle Tuning, the local Celtic Tuning dealer for this area.
Simon has personally carried out near to 100 remaps for us and he has always worked hard to ensure that he provides an excellent service for the sales of our Nissan Navara’s and L200’s that we specialize in.
The Upgrade is well worth it and with Eco Vehicle Tuning, our customers have never been disappointed with the performance increase, whilst enjoying the fuel saving benefits that come with it. I have also had all my personal cars tuned (Porsche Cayenne Diesel, Mercedes E Class, Golf GT TDi) and love the difference that it makes to the driving characteristics of any vehicle. Thanks Simon.
Guy Prince, GAP 4 x 4 - near to 100 Nissan Navara & L200's to date (2/2/15)
I just wanted to say thank you to Simon at Eco Vehicle Tuning for a fantastic service and I couldn’t be happier with the result.
I had been thinking about getting a remap for quite some time, but never had the guts to go through with it. After all, increased power and reduced fuel economy just sounds to good to be true, doesn’t it?
I first contacted Simon in December 2013 as I was looking to have my 2008 Mercedes C220 CDI remapped. He was able to fit me in at short notice. The service was nothing but professional and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the result. The car is smoother to drive, the power is unbelievable giving an instant response the moment you touch the accelerator regardless of what gear you are in. One thing I was particularly surprised about was the engine seems to be much quieter with less of the usual diesel rattle.
Now the biggest reason for getting the remap was to try and improve fuel economy as I drive about 30,000miles per year. I have seen fuel economy improve from about 42mpg to 50mpg on a 50mile run with a mixture of A/B roads and dual carriageway. This is averaged over the last 7000miles I have driven since having the remap done, and has been worked out using what I actually fill up at the pumps against the miles driven as I do not trust the trip computer. Interestingly, by my calculations this means I will have saved the initial cost of the remap in under 6months/15000miles.
One tip for anyone considering a remap for the same car, is if you have the 5 speed automatic gearbox like me, then keep it in comfort mode. This will reduce the tendency for the gearbox to kick down a gear on hard acceleration and will allow the car to use the extra torque instead that is now readily on tap.
Now if you were not convinced by the above, I was so pleased with the result, that after only a few months, I contacted Simon to have my other car remapped, which is a 2011 Audi A5 2.0 TDI, and again I could not be more pleased. I have to point out that both of my remaps involved removal of the ECU, and I opted to have this done even though my Audi was still under warranty. I hope this highlights to anyone out there how much I trust Simon’s work. I have never met anyone who works in such a clean, organised, thorough and methodical manner before, which just inspires confidence. I am a doctor who works in a Hospital and from watching Simon do his thing, he would probably make a very fine brain surgeon!!! but good job he isn’t, as I don’t know who I would get my car remapped by if he was.
So to anyone reading this, If I haven’t made this clear already, If you are looking to have your engine remapped, Simon at Eco vehicle tuning is the place to go, I certainly won’t hesitate to take any car I buy in the future to him.
“I would like to thank Simon at eco vehicle tuning for a fantastic remap of my car.
I drive a Seat Exeo which is mated to a 7speed multitronic cvt gearbox making around
143brake horsepower. Alas this makes for zero midrange so I did a lot of research and
found Simon at Eco Vehicle Tuning and after a brief chat on the phone, I soon realized that this guy really knows his stuff and any concerns I had were were soon dispelled and my mind put to rest. The car now being re mapped is a completely different car and drives on a wonderful wave of torque. The car is still under manufactures warranty and having complete faith in Simon, I had no hesitation in having the work done. The aftercare and customer service is unparalleled. Rest assured you are dealing with a consummate professional and won’t hesitate to recommend him to all my friends, Many thanks mate Mike Lee Seat Exeo 143 to 206 298ft torque.”
“I used Simon at Eco Vehicle Tuning two months ago to work on my wife’s BMW X1. We bought the car four months ago from new but it has never delivered the results that the BMW salesman stated it would.

Shortly after Simon mapped the car, there was a massive difference in not only the fuel consumption but mainly the performance. 170 BHP to 233 BHP, amazing results and now an amazingly different car.

Thank you Simon for being so diligent with the work undertaken. More people should be aware of this service!!!”