Simon from Eco Vehicle Tuning remapped my Mini Cooper SD today, & I am absolutely delighted with the results. The process from start to finish has been excellent, & Simon has gone well above & beyond on the work & advice leading up to it. Having spent the afternoon enjoying the tuning efforts on our glorious B roads, I can say that it’s like a different car. The Sport mode before tuning is now superseded by the Eco mode after tuning, & the Sport mode is now just phenomenal! Thanks Simon & Celtic Tuning for the outstanding remap, I will certainly be recommending & reusing in future.

“Had Remap done on my 2010 Jaguar XF 3L TD 2 weeks ago. ECU had to be removed on this car to get at mapping file but from start to finish I was confident that my car was in good hands. I was shown the ECU before it was put back in car and you would never know he had touched it so all work was carried out in a very professional way. The remap itself has totally changed the car it is smooth as silk but so much quicker the mapping matches the engine and gearbox very well in fact I no longer need to select sport mode because the extra power is so good.

I would have no hesitation in recommending them for a remap and you will be more than impressed with the standard of work & knowledge of Simon.”

“Ford Focus 2.0 TDCi 2015 147bhp to 211bhp. 270lb/ft to 373lb/ft torque. About 7-8% economy improvement. Goes like stink now. Repeat customer of Simon’s.!
“I just wanted to thank you for another great re-map. As previously, you offered the highest levels of service and professionalism and leave no element of doubt that the work was carried out to the highest standard. Since you completed the work, just over a week ago I have only done short local journey’s but the car runs notably smoother through the gears and the drive generally is more refined. An increase from 214 to 268 bhp for a naturally aspirated engine is remarkable and highlights what “magic” Celtic tuning can offer.

I look forward to using Eco Vehicle Tuning again next time.

All the very best!

“I would highly recommend Eco Vehicle Tuning, the local Celtic Tuning dealer for this area.
Simon has personally carried out near to 100 remaps for us and he has always worked hard to ensure that he provides an excellent service for the sales of our Nissan Navara’s and L200’s that we specialize in.
The Upgrade is well worth it and with Eco Vehicle Tuning, our customers have never been disappointed with the performance increase, whilst enjoying the fuel saving benefits that come with it. I have also had all my personal cars tuned (Porsche Cayenne Diesel, Mercedes E Class, Golf GT TDi) and love the difference that it makes to the driving characteristics of any vehicle. Thanks Simon.
Guy Prince, GAP 4 x 4 - near to 100 Nissan Navara & L200's to date (2/2/15)
I just wanted to say thank you to Simon at Eco Vehicle Tuning for a fantastic service and I couldn’t be happier with the result.
I had been thinking about getting a remap for quite some time, but never had the guts to go through with it. After all, increased power and reduced fuel economy just sounds to good to be true, doesn’t it?
I first contacted Simon in December 2013 as I was looking to have my 2008 Mercedes C220 CDI remapped. He was able to fit me in at short notice. The service was nothing but professional and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the result. The car is smoother to drive, the power is unbelievable giving an instant response the moment you touch the accelerator regardless of what gear you are in. One thing I was particularly surprised about was the engine seems to be much quieter with less of the usual diesel rattle.
Now the biggest reason for getting the remap was to try and improve fuel economy as I drive about 30,000miles per year. I have seen fuel economy improve from about 42mpg to 50mpg on a 50mile run with a mixture of A/B roads and dual carriageway. This is averaged over the last 7000miles I have driven since having the remap done, and has been worked out using what I actually fill up at the pumps against the miles driven as I do not trust the trip computer. Interestingly, by my calculations this means I will have saved the initial cost of the remap in under 6months/15000miles.
One tip for anyone considering a remap for the same car, is if you have the 5 speed automatic gearbox like me, then keep it in comfort mode. This will reduce the tendency for the gearbox to kick down a gear on hard acceleration and will allow the car to use the extra torque instead that is now readily on tap.
Now if you were not convinced by the above, I was so pleased with the result, that after only a few months, I contacted Simon to have my other car remapped, which is a 2011 Audi A5 2.0 TDI, and again I could not be more pleased. I have to point out that both of my remaps involved removal of the ECU, and I opted to have this done even though my Audi was still under warranty. I hope this highlights to anyone out there how much I trust Simon’s work. I have never met anyone who works in such a clean, organised, thorough and methodical manner before, which just inspires confidence. I am a doctor who works in a Hospital and from watching Simon do his thing, he would probably make a very fine brain surgeon!!! but good job he isn’t, as I don’t know who I would get my car remapped by if he was.
So to anyone reading this, If I haven’t made this clear already, If you are looking to have your engine remapped, Simon at Eco vehicle tuning is the place to go, I certainly won’t hesitate to take any car I buy in the future to him.
“I would like to thank Simon at eco vehicle tuning for a fantastic remap of my car.
I drive a Seat Exeo which is mated to a 7speed multitronic cvt gearbox making around
143brake horsepower. Alas this makes for zero midrange so I did a lot of research and
found Simon at Eco Vehicle Tuning and after a brief chat on the phone, I soon realized that this guy really knows his stuff and any concerns I had were were soon dispelled and my mind put to rest. The car now being re mapped is a completely different car and drives on a wonderful wave of torque. The car is still under manufactures warranty and having complete faith in Simon, I had no hesitation in having the work done. The aftercare and customer service is unparalleled. Rest assured you are dealing with a consummate professional and won’t hesitate to recommend him to all my friends, Many thanks mate Mike Lee Seat Exeo 143 to 206 298ft torque.”
“I used Simon at Eco Vehicle Tuning two months ago to work on my wife’s BMW X1. We bought the car four months ago from new but it has never delivered the results that the BMW salesman stated it would.

Shortly after Simon mapped the car, there was a massive difference in not only the fuel consumption but mainly the performance. 170 BHP to 233 BHP, amazing results and now an amazingly different car.

Thank you Simon for being so diligent with the work undertaken. More people should be aware of this service!!!”

“We have Simon from Eco Vehicle Tuning at our garage regularly for performance and economy engine remaps. Their service is informative, professional and the after care and attention to detail is extremely good. I regularly have good feedback from my customers regarding the product and just the other day – one Discovery owner claiming 27 to 34 mpg which just proves the remapping for economy – in Diesels at least. I would highly recommend this company and Simon for any one looking to have their car, van or 4 x 4 remapped.”
“Thanks a bunch Simon. We’ve all just been for a drive in our new Jaguar, completely different vehicle, transformed it in a brilliant way, acceleration, mid range punch, everywhere in fact. Let you know on the economy side. Thanks again mate.
“Hi Simon, Just some feedback on the car, now I’ve put a few miles on it since you sorted out the shambles of a remap that had been done by those other clowns. Feel free to use this on your testimonial page.
Firstly though, the main lesson for me is that I should have come to you in the first place, I will definitely recommend anyone who is thinking of having a remap to use you.

The car is much smoother now and pulls really well through 1st and 2nd gear unlike before where it struggled until it got into 3rd. What is really noticeable though, is how much better the gearbox feels as it would kick down at the smallest hint of throttle which was really annoying. Now it just uses the extra grunt in the midrange without the need to rev so much, which makes for a much more relaxing drive. I haven’t noticed any difference in economy yet as I’ve been enjoying the extra performance but it’s no worse than it was before.

Perhaps the last word as always should go to the wife who borrowed the car last night. Her first words to me when she got home were “christ, your car shifts.
Thanks again for a professional job, Rich”

“After having consistent trouble with the DPF blocking and being unable to perform a forced regeneration on my Audi A4 170bhp S-line Avant, I was passed onto Eco Vehicle Tuning from Paul at Cannon Car Audio in Catherington to help get the problem resolved and to be assured of a permanent solution. All I can say is, thank god for that introduction from Paul! I had only had the car a few months and I wanted to get shot of it as I knew this problem would just re-occur time and time again. Eco Vehicle Tuning carried out a complete DPF/EGR removal and a combined stage 1 and economy remap. The first time I drove it, all I can say is wow! Certainly put a smile on my face! Not only is the performance of the vehicle enhanced and at its true potential optimised when driving hard, but the economy has been restored also. Basically if you opt for the combined map – you want to drive conservatively, you will get the mpg, but when you want to serve up a bit of power, it delivers without hesitation. I cannot stress enough how much this work has improved my A4 and that how my love in the car has been restored. Simon at Eco Vehicle Tuning offers a top professional service with unparalleled customer service and continued support after the purchase. Simon’s conduct and professionalism to his chosen field are utterly unrivalled as it is obvious he takes the utmost pride in his work. With Simon and EVT being an official Celtic tuning authorised dealer and partner, you can be rest assured that you are dealing with the absolute pinnacle in vehicle tuning and remaps in the UK with exceptional technical knowledge and expertise. Thank you once again Simon – Rob Bath.”

Please feel free to iron out any kinks in it if it doesn’t read right technical wise…

Cheers Si, Rob

“I had a remap and DPF removal on my Audi A4 S-Line and found the results where amazing! Fuel efficiency exceeded my expectation and I have noticed a dramatic difference. Also, the car was much smoother with power from 170bhp to a 211bhp. Overall, I am very happy with this service in every way and would recommend to anyone”
Jack Chapman, Audi A4 2007 170 to 211 bhp
“Just to let you know that my initial feeling is that the update is good. The car feels livelier and if anything smoother to drive. Certainly if I press the peddle it goes like a rocket but even in slow traffic (and there has been some of that on the M27 the last few days) things seem smoother. No news on consumption yet but overall I am please so far. I will see what happens towing the trailer next week although I am not expecting miracles on the fuel 😉

I will let you know how things go……(update – I never got it past 39.8mpg before the remap so I thought you might like to know I now have 44.6 ;-)) Thanks & Cheers”

Steve, Saab 93 – 2006 150 to 212 bhp
“Great Service!
Quick and Easy!
Came to the house, which makes life so easy as I am busy working mum of three!
Fuel is lasting longer which lets me treat myself to an extra glass of vino and perhaps a pedicure 1once a week!”
Soivanya, Range Rover Sport 2007 – 188 to 236 bhp
“The guys at echo vehicle tuning did a great job of my 520d m sport, very professional and such a big difference on the performance and mpg, would recommend and will use again, hopefully with one of my vans, Many thanks”
Craig Brock, 520D – 184 to 230 bhp
“Hi Simon, Really impressed with my van thanks! Will be in Touch about my E class soon!”
Dean Wilson-Stone, Transit 2009 - 140 to 190 bhp
“Hi Simon, Just to give you some feedback if you want to put it on your site or whatever. Brilliant, professional and friendly service and massive improvement in low end torque and power. Hope that helps. Also, fyi. I contacted my insurer out of curiosity. To have remap included in my insurance is £27/year. At that price not worth not doing. Cheers,”
Ian, 118D 2009 – 143 to 199bhp
“I had my astravan 1.9 cdti 120 bhp remapped by ecovehicletuning. I was impressed with the results.183 bhp which was more than i thought. Driveabillity was not compromised and extra torque was substancialy better . I would recommend a remap from these guys to anyone that wants extra power and torque + ECONOMY 😉 . You wont be disapointed. Many thanks”
Kevin, Vito 111 2006 – 109 to 175 bhp
All I can say is that the remap was far better than I expected. Very impressive improvements in acceleration on the S3, it really does make a huge difference.

Also in only took around 45 minutes to do! Awesome!

Thanks again,”

Russ, Audi S3 2001 – 210 to 268 bhp
“I had my BMW 530d re-mapped by Simon @ EVT about 8 months ago, and can honestly say it has transformed my car massively, both for performance and fuel economy, not only that the car drives and feels lot smoother too, I would really recommend having this done to anyone, as not only will you enjoy it, it will pay for its self in fuel savings in no time. Thanks Again Simon for that extra 51 BHP :)”
Mark Goodwin, 530D 2001 – 193 to 244 bhp
“We had our 2008 Mitsubishi Outlander remapped the main reason we use it for towing and wanted more toque. I contacted Eco Eco Turning in July 2012 and explained what we required. It was explained what would be done how long it would take and the cost so we booked in the have remap. On the day we were running behind time as the guys putting the towbar on took longer then expected, called Simon and he was more then happy to wait for us as even late on a Friday afternoon. Got there Simon really is a nice guy, explained what he was doing and how long it would take, all the work completed in an hour. Well I could not believe the how different the car went after the remap. The power it has now compared to before you would not believe, I bought the car as I needed something 7 seat and able to tow a twin wheel caravan. Well its gone from being what I thought would be a bore to drive to a pleasure, and tows the caravan like a dream. I can not say if any better or worst on fuel, as I said we only just got the car so just don’t know what it was like before. I did let the insurance company know and the extra cost was 20% extra of the premium, but worth every penny. I would have any car I bought in the future remapped, as you can see very pleased.”
Stuart Shearman, Outlander 2008 – 138 to 185 bhp
“Eco Vehicle Tuning carried out a re-map on my Navara D40 at their premises in Hayling Island. I noticed an immediate improvement in performance and throttle response whilst at the same time achieving approx. 20% economy improvement as well. Can highly recommend Simon’s work and will definitely be using his services again in the future.”
Navara 2008 – 169 to 209 bhp
“Hi Simon, I would like to thank you for the remapping of my VW T5 to 205bhp, I cannot believe the difference in performance, it is noticeably smoother and loads more torque, well worth it! Cheers”
Dave, VW T5 – 130 to 203 bhp
“Hi simon, thanks for doing the audi for me, you can really feel the difference on acceleration the car digs in to the tarmac as it accelorates. you wouldnt beleive you could get that kind of power from a 3.0 litre diesel. Many thanks,”
John, Audi A4 – 229 to 276 bhp
“Hi Simon, Just a thank you for the remap you did on my Range Rover sport. What a difference, power, acceleration and much smoother. Money well spent for me. Kind regards”
Peter D, RRover Sport 2005 – 188 to 236 bhp
“My van, vito 109 cdi had a bit of a rubbish map on it when i bought it, smokey, flat spots etc. I didn’t realise until I got in touch with Eco Vehicle Tuning and simon came down to me. After reading the map he rang me and told me that its got a remap already but its not a very good one, the two options were: leave it on there (no charge) or upload the better map then refund if not happy. Of course i went for that option and the van is 10 times better! I will say its very quick for a van sitting at roughly 150 bhp now and fuel is a lot better around the towns which is a bonus! Ive had remaps in the past and this is by far the best service and the most noticeable gains I’ve seen. Would recommended to all.
Cheers simon!”
George, Vito 109 – 2005 – 88 to 148 bhp
“Simon that’s great. The transformation in the van, in bricklaying terms is f%*king amazing! !! Im lost for words. I’m passing your details to our foreman who seems very interested in having his car looked at. Thanks so much again. Take care Jon Mc.”
Jon MC, Sprinter 311– 2005 – 109 to 175 bhp
“It was certainly money well spent – I noticed a much smoother [automatic] gear change and a noticeable improved power delivery throughout the rev range. The service experience was also excellent, as I was kept informed of what was taking place, and given the confidence it was being performed by an expert. From a very satisfied owner of a Chrysler 300c CRD, Thanks Tony”
Tony Bunn, Chrysler 300C – 2007 – 215 to 258 bhp
“Just a quick note to say thanks again for coming out so quickly to sort the car. Safe to say its like a different car! Pulls better lower down the rev range and is epic doing say 60mph then planting down to overtake on the motorway. So much nicer to drive and I have no idea the voodoo you did with the DSG box but its just so much smoother. I am honestly amazed with the difference. Highly recommend you to all my friends! Thank you again, Matt :-)”
Matt Hine, AUDI A3 - 2005 - 140 to 188bhp
“Hi Simon, Thanks for the remap of my Vauxhall Insignia 160 CDTI. Its a different car great response really smooth acceleration now a pleasure to drive. You can really feel the difference from 160 to 226 bhp, well worth the money thanks again.
Trevor Perkins, Insignia 2L CDTi 160 – 2010 160 to 226 bhp
“Hello Simon,
Superb! It’s like a different car, better throttle response and more power all the way through the rev range.
It was peaking at 14psi and it would start to spool around 2 to 3 thousand revs, now its peaking at 23psi and holding it from 2000rpm and from 3000 onwards it feels like your stomach is gonna come out your arse.

I’d say any more power in a front wheel drive car of that size is just asking for trouble. Thanks Simon a good job done”

Roy Martin , SEAT LEON CUPRA R 2003 - 225 to 268bhp
“Recently got my car re-mapped with a custom map from Eco vehicle tuning down at Hayling. Going from 138bhp to nearly 200bhp (193 😉 and 300ib/ft of torque on my 2010 Civic Type S Diesel is awesome!!! There is so much power on my right foot its hard not to use it, and yes I have the speeding tickets to prove it!
The car is so much smoother through its rev range and even though I have all this extra power I still get an added 2-5mpg with the biggest difference noticeable on fuel consumption around urban areas.
Well worth the 1 hour wait whilst Simon did his thing and drove off with a massive smile on my face, and he even put the original map back on when I had to put the car into the garage under warranty
A+ service and have already recommended several people to use his services, professional, efficient and a pleasure to deal with! “
Ben Hodgson-Kerry, Civic 2010 - 2.2 CTDi 138 to 193 bhp
“Dear Simon
A big thank you to Eco vehicle tuning for the professional service and help. I had my Vivaro van tuned for power and economy and what a difference this has made!!! I work in the marine industry and have a need to tow and the low end power is very much appreciated, also the general day to day economy has improved. I would not hesitate to recommend Eco vehicle tuning to colleagues and friends.

Good job thank you”

Ken Haddock, Vivaro 2010 – 115 to 158 bhp
“I just wanted to let you know that Simon (Eco Vehicle Tuning) remapped my car this afternoon.
It was booked in for tomorrow, but unfortunately my plans were changed at the last minute and Simon moved things around to get my car done this afternoon. I couldn’t have asked for a more helpful person to do this – really impressed by his knowledge and attention to doing a great job (which clearly wasn’t straght forward or easy). Since it was done, I have done a 70 mile journey and pleased to report the car is performing brilliantly.
Just thought I would let you know as it’s always nice to get some good feedback.
Many Thanks for your help.
Kind Regards,