cCom Integrated Navigation

Ctrack cCom is an in-vehicle, two-way messaging and task dispatch tool, with a touch screen and integrated satellite navigation, which improves communication and coordination of mobile employees.

This easy-to-use onboard device integrates directly with Ctrack’s vehicle tracking systems to improve information sharing, operational efficiency and customer service.

Driver Communication

  • Instant two-way messaging between the driver and the office using free text or pre-defined messages via GPRS communications.
  • Voice calling to and from cCom with the ability to restrict communications with predefined numbers, approved call lists and maximum call time to reduce costs.

Responsible Driving

  • Send audible, automated alerts to cCom to warn about driving behavior such as speeding.
  • To avoid driver distraction, the Speed Safety Lock prevents interaction with cCom until the vehicle is stationary.
  • Hands-free voice calling ensures that drivers act in a safe, responsible and legally compliant manner.
  • Add employee communication
  • Enhance routing and scheduling
  • Effective job allocation
  • Improve driver behaviour
  • Legislative compliance

Workflow Management

  • Live driver updates from a list of predefined statuses to enable schedulers to better understand the availability of mobile resources.
  • Identify nearest vehicles to a job based on status, skill set or available time and dispatch appropriate employee via cCom with automatic route calculation once task or job is accepted.
  • Navigate drivers to a Point of Interest, address or another vehicle once a job or task has been accepted to reduce mileage and minimise journey time.
  • Integrate cCom with a third-party planning and scheduling tool to the job allocation process.


  • Assign drivers with a unique ID and PIN code to monitor and record who is driving a vehicle at all times.
  • Integrated satellite navigation enables the driver to manually or automatically access directions to a job or task.
  • Preload user Points of Interest including company or customer sites and offices to personalise cCom’s navigation tool.
Product Information Sheet

Product Information Sheet