Contrary to popular statements no one can say for 100% certainty that the remap will be undetectable. However, the modification to the software will not show up on any main dealer diagnostic equipment and therefore unless you tell them that it has been done, they will be none the wiser.
The remap will obviously increase the power output of your vehicle and depending on how you drive depends on how reliable it is for you. If you drive it harder then naturally you can expect to decrease the life of your engine but likewise if you thrashed it without even having it mapped then you would expect this to be the case anyway. The remap does not in any way stress the engine so the remap itself does not affect the longevity, only your driving style. We have remapped modern engines with over 200,000 miles without issue so it is very unlikely that you will get issues.
Depending on what your requirements are and your driving style depends on what your fuel economy will be.

If you go for an out right maximum power output and drive it as so, you can expect to see it decrease as it would without the map. If you get the map to increase torque low down and drive conservatively then it is likely that fuel economy will increase. Please note that fuel economy gains are only likely on turbo diesel engines, petrol engines generally stay the same with some reporting slight improvements, never a loss.

The beauty of the remap is that this process is completely reversible without any trace; therefore if within 14 days you want it changed back, we will carry it out free of charge with a full refund. If after 14 days you wish to reverse it then there is a £50 call out charge for the process but no refund will be given unless otherwise agreed prior to the 14 days elapsing.
Every vehicle and engine variant differs so we please contact us and we will provide you with the full information for your engine including prices.
Some modifications bring good benefit to enhancing the software so let us know in advance.
Again, let us know what you’re planning so we can advise the best way forward and can even offer great package deals on other performance upgrades.
If you wish to sell the car with the map on then no problem, if you wish to have it reversed back to standard after a period of time then again no problem, we charge £50 (£75 for ECU removal) to reverse the map back to standard.
This is up to you. We have to advise that you inform your insurance companies that the remap has been carried out but as there is no way for them to read this map, it is up to you what you do. It is your responsibility.
As we change nothing on your car other than a software map, there is nothing for us to give a warranty on other than the contents of the software against corruption and faults. If for some obscure reason you suffer a problem, we will do our utmost to help you including returning your car to standard for any testing. We offer a lifetime warranty on the software itself.
Well – there are many companies that are offering plug-in Tuning boxes. However, when trying to gain better performance from your engine, a custom remap is irrifutably the better option. A tuning box sends false sensor values throughout the complete rev range. This tells the ECU that there is not enough fuel entering the engine which the ECU will then overfuel in order to gain the extra performance. This alone leads to a higher fuel consumption and given todays rising fuel costs is not the best way forward in removing the manufacturers boundaries placed upon an engine. Although performance gains are made with a plug-in tuning box, they are at the cost of high emmisions, higher engine temperatures and general abuse of the engine. This may result in poor running, black exhaust smoke, clogged injectors, rough idle and EGR/DPF problems. Over fuelling can also result in bore washing which will dramatically reduce the life of any engine. For More info, including a Tuning Box vs Remap comparison – please click here
Power is a bonus and part/parcel of performance tuning, but mostly – it’s the efficiency gained through good development and the product we deliver – Thanks to Celtic Tuning. Almost forget the ‘bhp’ figures – as these guys are not completely developing for the numbers (or power). This just happens to be one the main measurements for performance/economy tuning -but key is, ‘for a better throttle response, smoother (more linear) power delivery, improved economy, lower emission’s and sometimes a quieter running engine – oh and the increase in power, all within very safe limits for your engine’.

Celtic Tuning have been at this for almost 22 years and they/Eco Vehicle Tuning offer a 14 day money back satisfaction guarantee and for those vehicles under 3 years and 60k miles, they also provide a warranty to back the manufacturers warranty should there be any issues.